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Pakshal Threads was founded in 2006 by Mr. Mahendra Jain and Mr. Dhiraj Jain who has been working in the textile industry for about 35 years. The company’s vision is to provide premium quality products with the best price. Pakshal threads are the manufacturers of trilobal polyester embroidery threads, Reco silk embroidery threads, spun polyester embroidery threads, acrylic threads and a wide range of sewing threads. The products are for industrial use only. The threads manufactured are known for high tenacity, fibre strength, colour fastness and durability. The company has the reputation of meeting the needs of its customers at any point of time. Apart from maintaining the stock of products we produce, we also try to develop new products if our customer wants so as to meet their demand. All our products are Oeko-Tex standard 100 certified and do not contain any harmful substances. The broad variety of goods sold by us is focused on the latest technologies and is checked and evaluated for various standard criteria on each hand of our proceedings. Our strong network, together with a team of trained experts, has enabled us in the development of goods that are in line with market expectations. Thus, with the high quality goods that we sell, we have achieved the highest degree of customer satisfaction across India.

ISO and OEKO-TEX Certified Thread Manufacturing Company

Iso Oeko Certificate

The support team is collaborated with 150-170 skilled laborers incorporating bag-full of experience. This has culminated in our team manufacturing around 300 tonnes of different types of thread, relishing a very high growth rate of 150% per year.

Pakshal Threads along with the traditional values and principles, we also foster the advancement in technology that promotes us to use more advanced machinery for production. For softening and fining of Yarn, the company has adapted to a High Speed Winder, developed by SMEW Company. The packing and final manufacturing stages is also automated and controlled by an imported machine, Y-cone Packing Machine. This puts light on the fact that the company is ready and longing for improvements to achieve customer satisfaction.

Mahendra Jain
Mr. Mahendra Jain

CEO & Founder

Dhiraj Jain
Mr. Dhiraj Jain

CEO & Founder